What are you missing by keeping your eyes on your phone?

What are you missing by looking at your phone?What are you missing?

Going to a new place is much less worrying now that one has maps on the phone. But the other day, I learned a lesson about what you can miss if you focus on the phone instead of what’s around you…

I was going to a course in Birmingham, and staying overnight. The directions from train station to the course location were brilliant, and I arrived early and unruffled. The same was true on the way from the course to the hotel–even though I went back much the same way I  focussed on where I was going as I’d never been that area before.

The next morning, I thought, I know the way, I’ll not need to check the phone.

What I saw

Suddenly I noticed that people in Birmingham are very friendly, New Street Station is quite amazing, the sun was shining and there were some amazing things I had walked straight past twice the day before. I slowed down and started savouring what was around me…it lifted my spirits and changed my views about a city.

What are you missing? What I missedWhat I missed. What are you missing

How could I have TWICE walked by these colourful owls?

Why didn’t I notice the man selling coffee from the telephone kiosk?

Because I was so wrapped up in where I needed to go and getting there, I didn’t have my “mental” eyes open. I must have seen them, but not registered it.

When I saw and enjoyed them, I felt excited and interested and enjoyed the second day of the course. I learned more and shared what I’d seen with the others. So it brightened their day too.

So what is savouring?

It is not just noticing your surroundings or what you are eating, but being mindful of how it affects all your senses, how you think about it, and how you feel right now. It is like taking a mental snapshot that includes sound, smell and the feel of the sun on your skin.

Savouring exercises help us become mindful of the good things in their lives and to boost their moods.

What are you missing? This article,  Savouring Walk caught my eye–try it! It will help you find what’s missing.

Start noticing the good things

It doesn’t need to take long, just a few minutes a day of consciously noticing the good, savouring it and storing it away will make you more relaxed, healthier and happier. It is also a memory “pearl” that you can take out to enjoy when you are down.

Put away your smartphone, lift your head, smile at a stranger…pick some blackberries …take a deep breath.

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