Shadows Part I: Walk Towards the Sunshine

Walk towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind.

Walk Towards the Sunshine

This is a great motto for life. You can’t prevent shadows, but if you walk towards the sunshine, they fall behind you.

Trying to take a photo of my shadow to illustrate the theme of “walk towards the sunshine” proved harder than expected. I’m sure the dog walkers on the Ponderosa must have wondered what at the contortions I was performing. In the end, I took a picture of someone else walking.

That is a lesson too. What we don’t like in ourselves, what we want to leave behind is our shadow.Sometimes we need help to see our shadows.

If our shadows are closely attached to us, we may not be able to see them.

When we are under pressure and the spotlight is on us, we might not see the shadows.

Sometimes we can’t see our shadows because the light is not strong enough.

We may be too stiff and proud to turn about and look for our own faults–or too scared.

Do you want to walk away from the shadows? What’s stopping you?

Do you need some help to find your way? Then perhaps you need more light on the subject.

Someone who walks beside you, shining a light on your path, describes a coach. Conflict management coaching helps you see your shadows and figure out how to walk away from them.