Finding happiness–like catching butterflies

  So much time is spent on finding happiness. Just when you think you have it right, it flits away. ¬†Happiness seems just round the corner, just beyond the next goal, just over the next hill, just through the last obstacle. If I get that job, I’ll be happy. If I can earn enough to…

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Resilience: Finding the Silver Lining

clouds silver lining

Every so often I spend a day in prison. Not because I’ve been convicted, I deliver a workshop to pre-release prisoners. Going through the security and talking to the people about their daily lives makes me realise how much we take for granted. The workshop covers controlling our emotions, building resilience and achieving goals. First,…

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Want a happy family gathering over the holidays?

If you want a happy family gathering, start by deciding what is most important. If asked what is most important about Christmas, many of us will say getting together with people we love–“a happy family gathering”. ¬†Whether we mean relations or friends or work colleagues that form our “family”, when we do get together, life…

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