Why being reasonable doesn’t always work

rational, reasonable

We think if people were just reasonable, we would be able to persuade them. If you are starting a conversation to change someone’s mind with the words “If only you would be reasonable…” or “It’s just common sense…” I’ve got bad news for you…it won’t work. Because what the other person hears is “You are…

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Starting a Sensitive Discussion–Some Hints

No one likes to be the one starting a sensitive discussion. We’ve all been there..everyone thinks someone should say something, anybody could, but no one does….and then it all goes wrong. That’s why these situations are described as “the elephant in the room” –it’s too big to talk about and if no one says anything,…

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Breaking through the brick wall

  It’s hard breaking through the brick wall of misunderstanding or silence. Hitting a brick wall when networking? A common complaint heard about networking is getting no response from people. What can I do to make them care? What can I do to make them listen? At a networking event recently, I overheard a conversation I…

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