Personality Clash: Sandpaper People

Sandpaper People

Have you ever had a personality clash with someone? When just the sight of them starts you prickling? What can you do if it is someone you have to interact with? This might be at work, or socially because they are relatives or friends. A personality clash can really disrupt your life and impact on…

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How to Manage Anger Well

How should we manage anger well? Should we let it rip? Or shut it down, show self-control? Speak up or stay silent? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Read here about how to decide whether to speak up or stay silent. If we are prone to angry outbursts, we listen to the reasons why we should…

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Dealing with Difficult People: Banishing the Gloom

Dealing with difficult people: Banishing the gloom Dealing with difficult people can drain your energy and positivity so it seems life is full of black clouds and gloom.  It can be like a visit from the dementors so feared in the Harry Potter stories. How can you keep yourself positive, kind and cheerful when dealing with…

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