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My fixed price mediations are ideal for a quick cost-effective way forward.  Mediation is suitable for many disputes, giving you a chance to be heard and work out mutually agreeable solutions. I know it's about values as well as issues and money.  I offer mediation online and over the phone, as well as the traditional face to face mediation. I'm specially trained to mediate online, using a secure platform. Feel safe & comfortable in your own surroundings.  More about my experience & qualifications

Call me on 07980 920 078 for a complimentary confidential discussion on whether mediation is suitable and what type would be best for you.  Based in Durham UK. Face to face mediations in the Northeast & Yorkshire, online and telephone anywhere.

Clients say:

Nancy provided an excellent service and brought much clarity to the situation. She enabled us to navigate through a potentially tricky dialogue with confidence and her approach was much appreciated.

I would definitely recommend you! Positive re-framing has been excellent, particularly when historical high pent-up emotions are involved.

Early Resolution: Conflict First Aid

Are you tearing your hair out?  Boss or colleague driving you mad? Feel you can't talk to them?  Battling boards, disagreeing directors or silent obstruction? It can be hard to talk about responsibilities, wills, disability or death, especially when you live at a distance. Before handing in your notice, sacking that employee, or calling a lawyer, why not get in touch with me? Business Service Rates  & Client Conflict services

Talking about the issues gives you a different perspective and more options. It could save you time, trouble and expense.

The initial exploratory discussion is free and confidential. Contact me to arrange an appointment to find a better way, with discretion and dignity guaranteed. Based in Durham UK. On-site in the Northeast & Yorkshire, online and telephone anywhere.  My resources page and blog have lots of helpful tips.

Client comments

Nancy’s perspective was an absolute breath of fresh air for me. ...fresh ideas which I have carried out and already seen positives from. I’m very grateful to Nancy for her work.

You helped me articulate what I find challenging start overcoming these challenges

Training & Workshops

I create practical, research-based interactive training and workshops, tailored your requirements and budget. Short specific workshops go into depth on specific topics such as complaints, setting and maintaining standards and working with challenging people. Longer courses include a range of topics discussed with you to either improving a dysfunctional team or provide an overview of conflict management and prevention. Off the shelf live interactive online 90 minute workshops start from just £300 for up to 8 people. Training is delivered online, on-site or a mix of both. For a free no-obligation discussion, email 

Client comments

We have had great results and learn a lot as a team. She is a skilled and inspirational professional who comes highly recommended.

Your course saved Christmas at our house. Thank you so much.


Mediation Early resolution training

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