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Never cut what you can untie. Joseph Joubert

My fixed price mediations are ideal for a quick cost effective way forward. Here are prices for a range of mediationsUsual mediation fees  Mediation is suitable for many disputes, giving you a chance to be heard and work out mutually agreeable solutions. My background in family businesses and third sector means I know it's about values as well as issues and money.

I offer mediation online and over the phone, as well as the traditional face to face mediation. Online mediation saves time, money & hassle. I'm specially trained to mediate online, using a secure platform. Feel safe & comfortable in your own surroundings. Free demo.

Telephone mediation is great for busy people or where communication has become heated. I'll talk to each of you in turn and help move the situation forward.

Call me on 07980 920 078 for a complimentary confidential discussion on whether mediation is suitable.

Based in Durham UK. Face to face mediations in the Northeast & Yorkshire, online and telephone anywhere.

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

I am an Accredited Special Educational Needs and Disability Mediator on the joint register of the Civil Mediation Council  & College of Mediators. I adhere to the CMC/CoM codes of practice.

Workplace Mediation

I am a  Certified Workplace and Employment Mediator. Clients say:

Nancy provided an excellent service and brought much clarity to the situation. She enabled us to navigate through a potentially tricky dialogue with confidence and her approach was much appreciated.

I would definitely recommend you! Positive re-framing has been excellent, particularly when historical high pent-up emotions are involved.

burn boats

Are you tearing your hair out?  Boss or colleague driving you mad? Feel you can't talk to them?  Battling boards, disagreeing directors or silent obstruction?

Before handing in your notice, sacking that employee, going to small claims or calling a lawyer, why not get in touch with me? Talking issues through gives you a different perspective and more options. It could save you time, trouble and expense.Sample Packages &  Roundtuit Fees Workplace

Contact me for more information on how I can help you find a better way of working, with discretion and dignity guaranteed. Based in Durham UK. On-site in the Northeast & Yorkshire, online and telephone anywhere.

lonely walk, refuses help, walking away

Are you walking away from a difficult discussion? Disagreements over the care of elderly parents?

Want to reconnect with someone you haven't talked to for years? Don't know how best to offer an olive branch?

It can be hard to talk about responsibilities, wills, disability or death, especially when you live at a distance.  I provide a compassionate and safe service to help you start reconnecting, either on the phone or through a secure online video platform. The initial exploratory discussion is free and confidential. Client Conflict services with prices. If you would like to discuss what solution would be best for you or request a different package, email My resources page and blog have lots of helpful tips. For regular information, links and free stuff, sign up.

Discover within themselves

Coaching & Training

Find it hard to speak up? Trying to avoid confrontations can cause more problems in the long run. Resentment can set in, and little issues fester and grow. On the other hand, speaking out when you should hold your tongue can also land you in hot water.

If you would like to learn how to manage your emotions in stressful situations, I offer several options at a range of prices. I am based in Durham,  UK. I deliver on-site in the Northeast & Yorkshire, online and telephone anywhere. Client Conflict services 

One to one coaching

You may wish to focus on a specific issue, or you may want to improve your skills generally. Managing difficult discussions and awkward people improves your quality of life and chances of success. Coaching is available online and over the phone. Coaching Terms & Conditions Online Coaching Terms & Conditions

Get in touch for a confidential & complimentary exploration session.

Short talks

I enjoy speaking and presenting to networking groups and charities on various topics (see my blog). Ring me on 07980 920078 to discuss.


I create practical, research-based & interactive workshops, tailored your requirements. They cover specific topics such as gossip, handling complaints, improving a dysfunctional team or an overview of conflict management & emotions. Workshops can be online or face to face.

Online Education

I run regular webinars for Northern Mediators and other groups. I work directly with clients and also with training providers to create custom content/deliver on their behalf. I am the Conflict Management Contact and a partner at Sommer & Partner Consulting.

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