Online Mediation: Can a computer bring peace?


Are you quietly seething at what a colleague or loved one said? Have you suppressed your anger and irritation for so long that you feel ready to explode? Are relationships at work brittle? Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Online mediation might be the solution, particularly if you work remotely, or are short of time or funds.  Because online mediation helps connect people and we are also connected, I like to call it “connected mediation” rather than remote. So, how could it help you.

Suffering in Silence?

If you are not talking about the problem, you are acting it out. Sarcastic comments, eyes rolling, the silent treatment…each person has their own way of “leaking” out anger and frustrations. Even if they are invisible to others, negative emotions cause blood pressure to rise, stomachs to churn more acid and other physical reactions which create discomfort and ill health.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just shut your door and let it all out to someone who wouldn’t judge but just listen? Even better if they could help you figure out a solution that works for you?

Talking Worksearly resolution change

Sometimes, the other person is not willing to take part in the process. Despite that, things can be improved. One of my clients had an ongoing problem at work. We had a conversation, and from my questioning, he realized why he felt so hurt and angry. Once the anger and hurt had been voiced, his mind was clearer and he was able to look at strategies and options. Problem solved–without leaving home and at a time that suited him, as we used a secure platform for the conversation. Not only that, it worked without the other person being involved.

Online Mediation and Conflict Services

I offer  connected, secure services for dispute resolution, conflict coaching and mediation  either online or on the phone. It’s convenient, cost-effective and easy.  You get the benefits of face to face, with the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own space. More information

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