Are you heading for conflict?

Is a dispute or disagreement tying you in knots,
and making you feel trapped and resentful?

 Don't destroy what you can untangle.

I provide expert, affordable help with personality clashes, awkward customers, director disagreements and workplace disputes

Mediation: Getting off the Conflict Roundabout

Civil & commercial mediation, specialising in workplace conflict, small businesses, charities and social enterprises.  Additionally qualified to work with vulnerable/emotional clients. Special prices for charities on request. Affordable resolution. Email for a free confidential exploratory chat and no obligation quotation.

What is mediation?

Based in Durham UK. Due to the pandemic, all mediations are currently via secure video link, telephone and/or email

Early Intervention: First Aid for Disputes & Disagreements

I can help at an early stage in disputes, changing attitudes and catching issues before they damage relationships and productivity.

Why not try early intervention instead of grievance or disciplinary--there are positive ways to change behaviour. Even if only one person is willing to take action, I can help. Sample prices for organisations & individuals.

Based in Durham UK. Due to the pandemic, all mediations are currently via secure video link, telephone and/or email.

The Knowledge: Managing Emotions & Reactions

Do you, a friend or an employee want to manage disagreements and disputes better? I offer coaching and training to cope with complaints, difficult people & tricky conversations. Services for individuals. Free resources here

Customised training packages for organisations wishing to find positive ways to manage negative behaviours and improve productivity.

Based in Durham UK. Due to the pandemic, all mediations are currently via secure video link, telephone and/or email.

Let me tell you how to make life easier--or email me for a virtual coffee and chat.

The sooner you take action, the easier

We all say we want to address issues straightaway, however, most of us put things off with phrases like  "better the devil you know", "well, it might get better", "this isn't the right time" or "it could be a lot worse". Some things do get better, but a lot get worse. Want to know how to tell the difference? Read more

Natalie Armstrong-Motin interviews me about my  work and interests.

More Tips

Videos of 2-6 minutes on how to make life easier.

Experienced online mediator

Nancy Radford Mediator Trainer 2020 After becoming accredited as a mediator 7 years ago, I did an intensive course on how to mediate via video and telephone in 2015. This training and practical experience meant that when the pandemic started, I was ready to offer my services. Not only have I done over 150 mediations online/on the telephone, but also within a month of the first lockdown, I trained over 200 mediators how to use Zoom.  Since then, I have trained voluntary groups, community mediators and individuals to ensure that mediation is available despite coronavirus. At the National Mediation Awards in September 2020, I was honoured and delighted to be awarded the Mediator Trainer Award for 2020.

Clients are often extremely anxious, especially if they have never used technology before. I do whatever is needed to ensure that they are able to focus on the issues rather than the platform (Zoom, MS Teams or other).

Online mediation means that mediation is affordable and accessible to many people who would not have otherwise had the chance to resolve their disputes. And geography is not an issue. Last year, I did a workplace mediation in Lithuania from my office in Durham.

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