The joys of being live online…and benefits for business

The joys of live online interaction are so great, that I’d like to share them with you. Tomorrow, I will enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend–who lives thousands of miles away.

It’s not as good as being there in real life. (For a start, she makes great coffee and usually has some home-baked cakes).

It’s a lot better than not seeing her or leaving it for a long time because we have an ocean between us.

And it’s easier to sort out misunderstandings face to face than by email or phone. You can see the smile, you can see the tears.

Digital devices may distract us from those around us, yet they are useful for restoring connections, not only for friends but also in work situations.

That’s why I offer coaching, mediation and training live online. Zoom, the platform I use is encrypted, more stable than Skype and can be accessed via android, tablet, laptop, iPhone or PC.

Joys of live online coaching

Lead a busy life? Want to fit appointments around your life? Travelling around for work or pleasure? Want to keep things confidential? Do health problems make access difficult?  Can’t find a babysitter?

These issues aren’t a problem when your coaching session is online. Even technophobes find the experience easier than expected. An added bonus is that it keeps the cost down and saves you travel time. No waiting around

Sit in the car and call from your mobile. Relax in your favourite chair or bounce on your gym ball. Call from the broom cupboard at work!

You can see me. We can share pictures, documents and websites.

No one else knows you are having a coaching session.

Online Mediation: does it work?

Online mediation not only works, but it is also especially beneficial in certain cases.


Remote mediation is more accessible to clients. It is particularly helpful for disabled or physically incapacitated clients, those in remote areas or where parties are in different geographical areas. It is compatible with a range of devices and stable even where there is limited bandwidth. In poor weather conditions or travel disruptions, meetings can still take place.


Participants  have more control over their environment. They can choose whether to take part from home, from an office or a hotel room. This autonomy and physical distance creates a sense of safety for the clients.  There is little risk of physical violence. Unlike Skype, parties do not need to exchange contact information. Only the mediator needs their contacts and sends them a link.


Participants are more likely to be relaxed in their chosen environment. They can choose a comfortable seat, get a drink, eat when it suits them.


Meetings are not bound by office hours and no one needs to know where you are going.  Discussions can be arranged to suit the participants and each person can choose their own surroundings. Arranging meetings is much easier as there is no need to arrange venues, travel etc.

Everyone is visible

In face to face, when you turn to face one person you may not see the other parties’ reactions. In Zoom, you see everyone.

Reduced Cost

Remote mediation reduces overheads dramatically. No venue, no travel, no refreshments.

If a mediation is cancelled at short notice, there is less disruption and financial loss.

Joys of live online training–not just another webinar

Using Zoom gives me the option to share screens, documents and even a whiteboard. You can give me remote control of your screen, or write on my whiteboard. There are polls and even break out rooms. Because you can access training via a mobile as well as a desktop, laptop or tablet, you can attend training on the beach or even on a train! It’s an interactive two way process and you can see and hear the other participants. Much much better than sitting in front of a screen listening to someone drone on!

If you are interested, email to arrange a virtual coffee–with no obligations.