How to handle complaints

Handling complaints that hurtEven if a complaint is unjustified, it still hurts. If you’re in business, it hurts the business. We may have a complaints procedure, and probably know how we should handle complaints. But do we always do it? Do we know how to handle our own hurt or the feelings of others involved? As well as procedures for handling complaints we need strategies for handling emotions.

Complaint Handling Simplified

Switch your thinking brain on. Keep calm.
Apologise that the person is upset. Be sincere.
Listen. Let them to tell you more so you understand.
Ask them for their solution. Seriously consider it.
Do what you can. Put things right.

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How to handle the hurt

  • Recognise your feelings–denying to yourself that you are hurt will only make you angrier. You may not be able to express your feelings at the time, but it will be easier to move on when they are acknowledged by you. It may be best to do this when you are on your own or with a good listener.
  • Try and establish why you feel the way you do. If you are angry ask yourself what you fear. What story are you telling yourself? How true is that story? What else could explain the situation
  • Remember the complaints are about what people see done or believe it means. It is not about who you are. It is about how the situation has made them feel. They do not know what you know and you do not know the full story of why they are upset.
  • You can do better next time. You can choose the story you tell yourself.
  • Use it as a learning experience, not as a defining one.

the entire concept of resilience speaks to the idea that our growth often comes from our most adverse experience.
Brett Steenbarger

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