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Pause Tool

This exercise helps you control the flight or fight response and think logically.

For more information on the benefits of pausing, read on


Good fence make good neighbours

Setting Boundaries

This exercise helps you say no nicely and set boundaries to protect what you value.

For more information on the benefits of saying no nicely read on


H Rose-tinted Glasses

A Rose Tinted View

This exercise helps you manage difficult people so your life gets easier.

For more information on the benefits of a rose-tinted view read on


Prefer to watch rather than read?
Here are some short videos on different topics.

Conflict First Aid for Parents

A series of bitesize videos on how to manage yourself when your kids get to that difficult age.

Or if it's your elderly parents that are driving you mad, read on here


Turning Complaints to Compliments

 In this short (3 minutes) video I tell you about how to turn complaints to compliments.

If you would rather read my article on LinkedIn, click here


What if They Won't Talk about it

This very brief video gives some ideas on what to do if the others involved don't want to talk about the situation.

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