Finding Treasure: Everyday Magic


Finding treasure–we all dream of it: winning the lottery, unearthing that bargain, making that deal, meeting that wonderful person.

Have you ever thought that it might just be lying there, waiting to be noticed? It is easy to complain, to feel the world is unfair, to spot the mistakes, the fashion faux pas.

People often ask if I find it depressing dealing with conflict every day–I don’t. Partly because of the joy and satisfaction of helping people resolve conflict, and partly because there is so much that is good and beautiful in the world. I guess I’m a treasure hunter, helping people to find the good in relationships that is worth saving.

A Treasure Hunter’s Creed

  1. Believe it is there.
  2. Always keep your senses sharp
  3. Look at the world from different angles
  4. It isn’t always easy

We are hardwired to negativity because it kept us safe through evolution. Yet this negativity can actually harm us in the modern world, causing stress, illness and broken relationships. Rick Hanson talks about hardwiring happiness and getting rid of negativity.

Why Try Finding Treasure

Research proves that if you look for and expect good fortune, you are much more likely to find it. Professor Richard Wiseman spent many years studying lucky and unlucky people (read his findings here), and discovered that people could actually learn to be lucky. One of the key principles that research showed worked was to look for and expect positive outcomes.

Try Today

  1. Commit to trying to spot something good or useful or beautiful every half hour.
  2. Take a picture or write it down
  3. Reflect on what treasures you’ve found- see below for some I found earlier.
  4. If you need some help book a complimentary treasure session

.finding treasure flying bird finding treasure helping hands stone scorpion