Enterprising Surprise

Amulree not a typical place for a tea plantation

If entrepreneurs had initials behind their names, they would be: GID, MIH, DIN, GFI (Get it done, Make it happen, Do it now and Go for it!) .                                                            Robert Middleton

Having  just finished mentoring at an enterprise school at Durham University, I set off for a peaceful weekend in Perthshire. Not only was it a lovely place, but the owner was one of the most interesting and enterprising folks I’ve met. You expect tea in Scotland–but not to discover that there is actually tea grown in Scotland! Although the mists reminded me of childhood visits to tea plantations in India, who would leap to the idea of growing tea there? Although the tea has to be grown in a secret location (as even this idyllic place suffers from those who want to profit from others labours), we did get to taste the tea and hear about the background. We were invited to taste some of the delicious tea, and having tasted many teas in many countries, I can see why it is  an award winning tea.

The Enterprise School was inspiring–so many enthusiastic people, both  the staff and the participants, but I really wish we could have had someone like this enterprising “plantation owner” speak to us. Instead of whinging about the weather, politics or how hard life is, he not only maximised the usual opportunity of providing self catering accomodation, but also did something surprising, amazing and interesting. It wasn’t eccentric or daft–he had the knowledge and experience of what was needed, but also had the enterprising spirit to weigh up the risks and benefits and just go for it.

So not just a relaxing and enjoyable weekend in beautiful surroundings but a great example of the enterprising mindset that will make a difference to our world.