Conversations not Confrontations

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Client Recommendation

I designed the Conversations not Confrontations course  in response to a request from an organisation after a successful mediation. The employees involved found the way the organisation had managed their differences before actually exacerbated the issues. They asked me to tell management that the “conversations not confrontations” approach of mediation was much better. I talked with the CEO and discussed the topics which were particularly relevant to their industry and created this course for the Senior Managers. I ran it off-site, with a break of 2 to 3 weeks between each module. Rather than powerpoint, delegates interact using the tools and strategies taught, with  handouts as a reminder. The handouts build into a resource providing continuing support.

Course Content

Managing Myself in Conflict

  • Exploration of each individual’s strengths and what works for them
  • The science of why and how emotions can hijack logic
  • How conflict escalates
  • Understanding our own triggers·
  • Tortoise, Deer or Tiger—what’s your reaction?
  •  The power of mindset and preparation·
  • Practical tools to be your best in conflict



conversations not confrontations

Managing Conflict Well

  • Should I intervene?
  • Difficult discussions
    • Preparing for difficult discussions
    • During the discussion (LUCK Tool)·
    • After (What Next and Follow Through)
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • SCALE Addressing workplace conflict in a positive way



Conversations Not Confrontations

This module could cover any of the following issues which the participants particularly want to address. For all the topics below to be fully covered, one would need four modules.

  • Setting and maintaining boundaries (Saying No Nicely and STAR Tool)
  • Speaking your truth with respect and effect
  • Staying Silent or Speaking Up
  • Prevention of escalation/damage
  • Turning disaster into development
  • Working through scenarios
  • Dealing with negativity and resistance

The current cost of the Conversations Not Confrontations Course for 3 modules and up to 8 people is £2400 (plus expenses if more than 30 miles from Durham). This includes resources but does not include room hire and refreshments. The organisation will also receive a printed copy of Conflict First Aid: How to Stop Personality Clashes and Disputes from Damaging You or Your Organization.

Please email me if you would like additional information or a variation of format. For example the course can be adjusted to be delivered online or topics varied.

If cost is an issue, please do contact me to discuss funding and alternative options.