Procrastination & Conflict: Don’t Delay Decisions


Ironically, my post on procrastination is actually a month late. I blame the flu… I’ve learned the hard way that dealing with things when they show up instead of when they blow up saves untold hassle. Sometimes we don’t decide based on optimism–things will get better. At other times, we delay deciding due to fear…

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Starting Awkward Conversations: Lessons from Taking a Bath

What baths can teach us about starting awkward conversations

  All down to Bubbles in Bishop The common view of a mediator and conflict management coach is someone who stops people arguing or teaches someone to control their temper. I do that, however, I spend just as much time starting awkward conversations and helping people speak up effectively. You may wonder how I connected baths…

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Starting a Sensitive Discussion–Some Hints

No one likes to be the one starting a sensitive discussion. We’ve all been there..everyone thinks someone should say something, anybody could, but no one does….and then it all goes wrong. That’s why these situations are described as “the elephant in the room” –it’s too big to talk about and if no one says anything,…

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Achieve new year’s resolutions by celebrating!

  Did you achieve new year’s resolutions you set for 2015? Did you keep track of them? Are you feeling depressed and annoyed with yourself because you either can’t remember them or can only remember the ones you didn’t achieve? Here is an exercise that my clients find useful and motivating. Go back in time…

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Longing for the Sea and Yet Afraid

Do you have a “Someday Isle” in your life? Are you longing for the sea and yet afraid to set sail? Do you say “Some day I’ll…” but never quite get round to it?  If so, join the majority of people who stand on the shore, wanting the reward but frightened of the risks. We…

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What’s stopping you?

What is stopping you getting what you want? Money, time, commitments, energy, other people, fear, lack of skills or knowledge? Or are you not sure what you want, just something different from what you have? Have you been told that all it takes is to send out your desire to the universe with enough passion…

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