customer care

Dealing with Difficult People: Banishing the Gloom

Dealing with difficult people: Banishing the gloom Dealing with difficult people can drain your energy and positivity so it seems life is full of black clouds and gloom.  It can be like a visit from the dementors so feared in the Harry Potter stories. How can you keep yourself positive, kind and cheerful when dealing with…

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Talking about money

Money like fire is good and bad

  Talking about money Not talking about money can cause serious problems in business, relationships, and health. So can talking about money if we get it wrong. Many of us see money in the way prehistoric man saw fire—we know it is something powerful, but we’re not too sure what to do with it or how…

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Problem Customers

cat hiding from problem customer?

Do some people make your heart sink? How much time do you spend finding reasons not to call them? How hard have you tried to make it work? Are there some people that you spend lots of time and effort for little return? At business networking events or on-line forums, people moan about their problem customers and ask…

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