The joys of being live online…and benefits for business

nancy virtual coffee

The joys of live online interaction are so great, that I’d like to share them with you. Tomorrow, I will enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend–who lives thousands of miles away. It’s not as good as being there in real life. (For a start, she makes great coffee and usually has some home-baked…

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Why can’t they see the truth?

same truth, different angles

When we argue, our truth seems so obvious. We ask ourselves “Why can’t they see the truth?” Or we accuse them of lying. This makes us even more determined to prove that we are right. We appeal to friends, colleagues, strangers to agree with us and help us prove the other person wrong. Research and…

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Someone Driving You Crazy? Take Back Control

Driving you crazy?

Colleagues driving you crazy? Or is it the kids? Or is your family driving you crazy? The good news is: it doesn’t have to be that way. The bad news is: if you want to change it, you’ll have to take some action. Stop “wearing the victim t-shirt” and start the diagnosis. Or you could…

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Making the best of it: It’s how you play your hand

Making the best of it mixed up

Making the Best of It Over the recent bank holiday, I hope you’ve had time to relax and do something different, as I’ve had. I entertained,  walked in woods bursting out in bloom, played board games and worked on puzzles. One of the puzzles was a series of anagrams, no clues, just anagrams. I was…

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Change Your Luck Scientifically

change luck

Is there such a thing as luck? We all know people who seem incredibly lucky. Everything they touch seems to go well. Others seem remarkably unsuccessful in just about anything.  “The Secret” and other mystical books suggest ways to change your luck. Scientist and magician, Professor Richard Wiseman, decided that this was a subject worthy…

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Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change

don't want change

I want to sort this out, but (insert name here) just doesn’t want to do anything. It would be great if we could just discuss the situation, but (insert name here) doesn’t want to talk about it. I try to be reasonable, but (insert name here) is just so difficult. So, mediation isn’t an option, is it?…

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No one listening? Try something different

“There is no one listening! I keep telling them they have got it wrong. But they just don’t take it on board!” My client was getting more and more frustrated and angry with his customers who seemed oblivious to a critical problem. I asked what made him think there was no one listening. “They won’t change. So they…

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Finding Treasure: Everyday Magic

World full of magic

  Finding treasure–we all dream of it: winning the lottery, unearthing that bargain, making that deal, meeting that wonderful person. Have you ever thought that it might just be lying there, waiting to be noticed? It is easy to complain, to feel the world is unfair, to spot the mistakes, the fashion faux pas. People often ask if…

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Finished relationship still damaging you?

Rope still unraveling like finished relationship

  It’s not that uncommon for finished relationships to continue damaging us long after they’ve ended. Just as a cut rope starts to fray and unravel, so a finished relationship can start to fray our nerves and unravel our confidence. Putting on a brave face and hiding our pain seems to work. In the long…

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