The Christmas Cake Story

I have always loved Christmas, so decided to write about Christmas traditions in our household. But I used to get so stressed about it until one year I was too ill to bother–and you know what? We had a lovely Christmas without all the fuss! So we do the stuff we enjoy and that brightens…

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Health & Safety Message Ignored? Try a Different Approach

  Health & Safety Message Ignored? Try a Different Approach Is your health & safety message ignored? At Christmas time, no one wants to think about dangers and rules, so it’s even harder to make sure that health and safety issues are addressed. Many health and safety professionals try and get the message across by…

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Want a happy family gathering over the holidays?

If you want a happy family gathering, start by deciding what is most important. If asked what is most important about Christmas, many of us will say getting together with people we love–“a happy family gathering”. ¬†Whether we mean relations or friends or work colleagues that form our “family”, when we do get together, life…

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