changing people

Why being reasonable doesn’t always work

rational, reasonable

We think if people were just reasonable, we would be able to persuade them. If you are starting a conversation to change someone’s mind with the words “If only you would be reasonable…” or “It’s just common sense…” I’ve got bad news for you…it won’t work. Because what the other person hears is “You are…

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Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change

don't want change

I want to sort this out, but (insert name here) just doesn’t want to do anything. It would be great if we could just discuss the situation, but (insert name here) doesn’t want to talk about it. I try to be reasonable, but (insert name here) is just so difficult. So, mediation isn’t an option, is it?…

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How to speak your mind despite peer pressure

Speak your mind don't be herded

Can’t speak your mind because of the herd? If everyone else is going along with it, how do you speak your mind? We were at Beamish watching nineteen geese being herded by one nearsighted dog. What would the dog do if two of the geese flew in different directions? Or even if the geese just all sat down?…

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Tracy Island Debate–A Valuable Lesson

  The Background (All names changed to avoid embarrassment). In 1992, there was a surge of demand for Thunderbirds Tracy Island which meant all the parents rushed about to buy their kids one. Except us as we didn’t have much cash at the time.   Of course, Henry, the rich kid in the class, had parents…

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