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Empty Jug Burnout

Empty Jug Syndrome: Burnout

By Nancy Radford | April 6, 2016

  Fred had the beginning of burnout: exhausted, ill and demotivated.  “I’ve worked so hard for so long. I know it’s for a good cause, but I just can’t give any more. I’ve gone beyond stress. I just feel empty.” Fred had been dumped in at the deep end 2 years earlier. He single-handedly turned a…

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When Good People Fall Out

By Nancy Radford | March 23, 2016

” I don’t understand why they have fallen out–they are both good people and I don’t want to lose either. But I can’t stand the atmosphere at work anymore!” How often do you hear this? I hear it on a regular basis. It seems that managers feel “good people” should know how to get along–but it isn’t…

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Revenge or Forgiveness?

By Nancy Radford | March 21, 2016

Injured animals either  lash out or cower away. Humans have another choice. When we are hurt, we choose revenge or forgiveness or flight. For thousands of years, mercy and forgiveness have been seen as virtues, helping to heal and build civilised societies. Recent studies have found that forgiving others actually benefits us as much if not more…

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Don’t Lose Today–Be Present

By Nancy Radford | March 12, 2016

At the end of the day, do you suddenly wonder where the day has gone? Or on your birthday, think what happened to last year? Don’t lose today or worse still, a year–be present now. Great leaders are those who learn from the past, plan for the future and live in the present. Effective people…

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Problem Client

Problem Client or Client with a Problem?

By Nancy Radford | February 19, 2016

Problem Client How often do you describe someone as a problem client? We hear about problem children, problem bosses and problem customers. Immediately, images spring to mind of grumpy, unreasonable people and we become irritated. We think why can’t they be more reasonable, why do they have to be so awkward? So we try and…

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Random acts of kindness

Kindness helps you as well as others

By Nancy Radford | February 12, 2016

When the world seems full of people grabbing and pushing and shoving to get the latest deals in the shops, to make sure that they are heard, kindness seems like the wimp’s way out. Is it an old fashioned outdated habit that means you’ll be stuck holding the door open for others to rush through to a…

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How to complain effectively and nicely

By Nancy Radford | January 27, 2016

Knowing how to complain effectively and nicely is hugely powerful. Many people think their only choice when they have a grievance is to either “make a scene” or bite their tongue. But this is not good for you or the person/company you feel has wronged you. If you learn how to complain effectively without damaging relationships,…

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Mediation Dawning Understanding

What is Mediation?

By Nancy Radford | January 26, 2016

Thinking of taking a dispute to a lawyer? Fed up of long drawn out legal cases?  Try mediation first. Reluctant to ask what it is?  It’s not a silly question. I, like most people, thought mediation was mainly for divorcing couples or warring nations. It wasn’t until I saw the dramatic impact it had on…

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willpower magic

How to boost willpower

By Nancy Radford | January 14, 2016

Do you wish you had a magic wand that would boost willpower? Or are you superhuman? If  only you were able to resist saying that cutting comment… stop eating those doughnuts… get out of bed earlier… drink less… stop smoking… What science says Research by Mischel and Ebbesen in Stanford in 1970, known as the “marshmallow experiment”, first tested…

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Achieve new year’s resolutions by celebrating!

By Nancy Radford | December 31, 2015

  Did you achieve new year’s resolutions you set for 2015? Did you keep track of them? Are you feeling depressed and annoyed with yourself because you either can’t remember them or can only remember the ones you didn’t achieve? Here is an exercise that my clients find useful and motivating. Go back in time…

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