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moving out and moving on

Moving Out and Moving On: Tips for Parents

By Nancy Radford | May 30, 2017

The temperature’s rising, the pollen count is high and exams are stressing parents and students.  Lurking under the surface is the knowledge that life is going to change dramatically after exams. People expect everyone to welcome moving out and moving on. So no one wants to mention fears or problems. Everyone puts on a relentlessly positive…

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asking for help Ask, accept, acknowledge

Why is asking for help so hard? Tips to do it well.

By Nancy Radford | May 16, 2017

I have a confession to make. I like many others am a help addict. We get a buzz out of helping others, and sometimes forget to let others have the chance to get that buzz. We hate asking for help but love giving. What do I mean? At a networking event, the delicious array on the…

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preparing for death

Live Life More Fully–Prepare for Death

By Nancy Radford | May 8, 2017

One thing that amazed me when first I came to this country was the reluctance to talk about dying. Growing up in a developing country and working in the health sector,  death has been a part of my life both personally and professionally. Even people who seem to be okay talking about death in general, are reluctant…

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Is no conflict healthy

Should conflict be avoided? Is no conflict healthy?

By Nancy Radford | April 28, 2017

Walking around Stirling in Scotland, I saw the sign below on a building which many years ago housed a home for abandoned boys. It reminded me of all the families, couples and firms that live by the no quarrelling rule,  extending it to cover any passionate disagreements. But is no conflict healthy? Or is it…

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Tightrope walking not so easy

Passion Plus Balance Equals Success: Walking the tightrope of enterprise

By Nancy Radford | April 21, 2017

Small businesses grow out of passion–it might be your desire to do your own thing, share something wonderful, or make a difference. It might even be a passion for money…although that is less often the case. It’s a bit like being in love: we’re so excited and high that the inconveniences and risks are minimised. Our…

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Making the best of it mixed up

Making the best of it: It’s how you play your hand

By Nancy Radford | April 18, 2017

Making the Best of It Over the recent bank holiday, I hope you’ve had time to relax and do something different, as I’ve had. I entertained,  walked in woods bursting out in bloom, played board games and worked on puzzles. One of the puzzles was a series of anagrams, no clues, just anagrams. I was…

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What baths can teach us about starting awkward conversations

Starting Awkward Conversations: Lessons from Taking a Bath

By Nancy Radford | March 31, 2017

  All down to Bubbles in Bishop The common view of a mediator and conflict management coach is someone who stops people arguing or teaches someone to control their temper. I do that, however, I spend just as much time starting awkward conversations and helping people speak up effectively. You may wonder how I connected baths…

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Reset bad day with smile

How to Reset a Bad Day–With a Smile

By Nancy Radford | March 20, 2017

ad You know those days when everything seems to go wrong and you wish the day had a reset button? Well, amazingly, there is something that works just like one. A smile.  So how do you reset a bad day with a smile when you’re already down in the dumps? Fake it? Well, although some…

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Trust, broken promise

Broken promises? How to move on

By Nancy Radford | March 3, 2017

Broken promises break friendships, destroy marriages and undermine businesses. Yet every day, we hear I know I promised, but… I’m sorry I can’t do what I promised… The more you trust someone, the more their broken promise hurts. There is anger at the promise-breaker, and shame that we trusted them. We lash out, crawl away…

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change luck

Change Your Luck Scientifically

By Nancy Radford | February 20, 2017

Is there such a thing as luck? We all know people who seem incredibly lucky. Everything they touch seems to go well. Others seem remarkably unsuccessful in just about anything.  “The Secret” and other mystical books suggest ways to change your luck. Scientist and magician, Professor Richard Wiseman, decided that this was a subject worthy…

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