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Neighbour Problems: How to avoid them

By Nancy Radford | June 18, 2018

A5 Get Your Story StraightNeighbour problems steal your sanity. They turn mild-mannered people into raging tigers.  Too often, minor issues become major ones and the problem escalates.  So how can we avoid getting caught up in disputes with our neighbours? What are the most common issues that cause neighbour problems? What can we do if problems…

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Won’t Pay or Can’t Pay?

By Nancy Radford | June 8, 2018

People who won’t pay cause small business owners more hassle than any other issue. Years ago, my husband and I owned a quick print business. I hadn’t realised how much chasing payment impacted my life until I overheard my daughter (6) and a friend playing shops: “Now we’ll just close the shop and then I will…

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get invoices paid on time

Get Invoices Paid on Time

By Nancy Radford | May 18, 2018

So how do you get invoices paid on time? No one likes talking about money, but everyone like having it. . Even if you have full order books, you need money to pay suppliers. Keeping the cash flowing in is essential for all businesses. So what can you do to avoid late or non-payment? As…

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When they won’t talk…

By Nancy Radford | May 3, 2018

They won’t talk. We keep going in circles…I can’t do anything.  As a mediator, I’m often asked ” But what can I do if they won’t talk to me? ” They feel stuck because the other people involved don’t want to talk. It’s frustrating and aggravating. And if you really believe that you can’t do anything,…

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Cake-Imperfection or Beauty

Imperfection: Beauty in the process

By Nancy Radford | April 4, 2018

 Imperfection everywhere The more you look, the more imperfection you see. The sun shining through the window can lift your spirits or make you see they need to be cleaned. Our urge to make things better is good, isn’t it? We all want a perfect world, and if it wasn’t for all those other people…

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letting go of resentment Don't carry a grudge

Letting Go of Resentment: How & Why

By Nancy Radford | March 6, 2018

Letting go of resentment is vital to healing. Yet it can be one of the hardest steps to take. We want others to see how much damage they caused. We believe they need to acknowledge our hurt before we allow ourselves to heal. So, most of us need to know why letting go of resentment…

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Damaging or restoring relationships

Restore Relationships: Conflict First Aid 3

By Nancy Radford | February 8, 2018

When things go wrong and people get hurt, medical first aid is essential. The same is true for conflict first aid. The aims of medical first aid are to preserve life, prevent harm and promote recovery. The aims of conflict first aid are to protect what is important, prevent harm and restore relationships.In my last…

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prevent harm conflict resolution

Prevent Harm: Conflict First Aid 2

By Nancy Radford | January 18, 2018

The aim of conflict first aid is to protect what is important, prevent harm and promote restoration of relationships.  As in medical first aid, there are simple steps that anyone can do to make sure the situation doesn’t deteriorate. My last blog gave 3 tips on how to protect what is important.  Those of you who…

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conflict first aid

Conflict First Aid 1: Protect what is important

By Nancy Radford | December 12, 2017

As well as being a mediator, I teach and write about conflict first aid. What’s that? Well, it is like medical first aid–simple steps that anyone can do to help a person in a bad situation. The aims of medical first aid are to preserve life, prevent harm and promote recovery. The aims of conflict first…

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Over-committed and struggling with self-compassion? 3 different solutions

By Nancy Radford | November 23, 2017

I thought this would be a quiet week. I would get caught up with reading and have time to spend sorting out my new website. Then,  a flurry of requests from friends, relatives, colleagues, and students. I felt unappreciated and overcommitted,unable to have self-compassion. This is a common issue, particularly for people with elderly relatives,…

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