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Shadows or shade

Shadows Part 2: Shadows or Shade

By Nancy Radford | August 25, 2015

  Part 2 Shadows or Shade? English weather means we don’t often get the choice between shadows or shade. A bit of sunshine in an English summer and we are all out there, exposing ourselves to the glorious rays. When we talk about shadows, we usually mean it negatively. However, growing up in a hot country and recently…

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Shadows Part I: Walk Towards the Sunshine

By Nancy Radford | August 18, 2015

Walk Towards the Sunshine This is a great motto for life. You can’t prevent shadows, but if you walk towards the sunshine, they fall behind you. Trying to take a photo of my shadow to illustrate the theme of “walk towards the sunshine” proved harder than expected. I’m sure the dog walkers on the Ponderosa must have…

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Longing for the Sea and Yet Afraid

By Nancy Radford | August 5, 2015

Do you have a “Someday Isle” in your life? Are you longing for the sea and yet afraid to set sail? Do you say “Some day I’ll…” but never quite get round to it?  If so, join the majority of people who stand on the shore, wanting the reward but frightened of the risks. We…

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What’s stopping you?

By Nancy Radford | August 5, 2015

What is stopping you getting what you want? Money, time, commitments, energy, other people, fear, lack of skills or knowledge? Or are you not sure what you want, just something different from what you have? Have you been told that all it takes is to send out your desire to the universe with enough passion…

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How to Keep the Peace on Holiday

By Nancy Radford | July 30, 2015

“Let’s go on holiday together!” Dreaming of a lovely time with all your loved ones, harmony all round? For a great time, you need to be able to keep the peace. It might be–or it might be a disaster setting off a major family feud. Or perhaps just frosty glares, hasty hurtful words and unsaid apologies. So how can you…

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Getting the Message Across: What works best?

By Nancy Radford | July 10, 2015

What is the best way of getting the message across? Marketing gurus list the principles of good marketing—A I D A—a message has to Grab Attention Keep people Interested Make them Desire what you are offering And make them Act So we all work hard on that perfect message, crafting what we are going to…

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Personality Conflict? How to Start the Conversation

By Nancy Radford | June 5, 2015

Personality conflict at work? Frustrated that someone won’t listen? Stuck because someone resists change? Awkward customer? Or staff? Can’t get round to talking about it? Here are some tips… Think of Traffic Lights Pause Breathe slowly and deeply, relax…Research shows that this helps you to be more rational. When you are angry, frustrated or upset,…

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story you tell yourself affects your life

The Story You Tell Yourself Affects Your Life

By Nancy Radford | May 13, 2015

  The story you tell yourself about what happened becomes your reality. What you remember is the story you told yourself about an event, not what actually happened or your feelings during the event. We define our past, describe our present and predict the outcome based on this story. This is brilliantly illustrated in Daniel Kahneman’s video about the experiencing versus…

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Tracy Island Debate–A Valuable Lesson

By Nancy Radford | May 3, 2015

  The Background (All names changed to avoid embarrassment). In 1992, there was a surge of demand for Thunderbirds Tracy Island which meant all the parents rushed about to buy their kids one. Except us as we didn’t have much cash at the time.   Of course, Henry, the rich kid in the class, had parents…

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Enterprising Surprise

By Nancy Radford | April 9, 2015

If entrepreneurs had initials behind their names, they would be: GID, MIH, DIN, GFI (Get it done, Make it happen, Do it now and Go for it!) .                                                      …

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