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Improving professional and working relationships with understanding, discretion, and warmth


When emotions run high, there's a lot at stake and you disagree, it's hard to make the right choices.

To manage disagreements better, people need someone everyone can trust. Micro organisations have unique cultures. To understand the pressures, you need someone who has worked in a similar environment. You need quick and affordable results. The service has to fit your circumstances and help you find a solution that works for you.

Having owned and worked in family businesses and small charities, I know the special strains (as well as the joys) these bring. As a business and personal coach, I've seen charities struggling because directors don't get on, family businesses failing due to personality clashes and grief caused by disagreements. It was this that led me to study why people behave the way they do and train as a mediator.

I'd love to help you tackle that "elephant in the room". I'll make it easy for you to start talking instead of walking on eggshells. Whatever stage you are at, I can help.

Why choose me to help you manage disagreements better?

I love mediation and have an average success rate of over 85%.  As an accredited mediator, I often see people whose lives have been blighted by misunderstanding, businesses held back or relationships damaged. Usually, at the end of a successful mediation, someone says, "I wish we'd had this conversation earlier..."  That's why I made a strange decision to help people manage disagreements better. (You might think this would  make me redundant, it hasn't!) So as well as mediation, I offer conflict management training and coaching.

As a signatory to Mediators’ Green Pledge, I am committed to minimising the environmental impact of my services by avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible.  I have been offering online (connected) mediation since 2015 and train other mediators, trainers and coaches to work more effectively online. In 2020 I won the Mediation Trainer Award at the National Mediation Awards for my work in training mediators to work online during the pandemic. I have been lead mediator in well over 450 connected mediations.  For more information about my zoom coaching for mediators, email info@nancyradford.com

Based in Durham, Northeast England, I offer conflict management and training services online and on phone locally, nationally and internationally. (clients in London, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, NorthEast England, and  Lithuania). In special circumstances I offer face to face training and mediations.

For more information

Read recommendations and find out more about me on LinkedIn.  If you want to know where my accent is from, read "Third Culture Kid".  If you just want my famous lemon cake or gingerbread recipe, email me for my teatime recipes.

Qualifications & Expertise

ADRg Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator

Society of Mediators Workplace & Employment Mediator

ADRg Accredited Online Mediator

Accredited Mediator Special Educational Needs and Disability, Joint Register of College of Mediators & Civil Mediation Council

Restorative Hub Restorative Facilitator

Specialist Industry Accreditation for Property Mediation

Additional training in mediations with elderly, vulnerable & limited mental capacity.

The Coaching Academy Diploma in Small Business Coaching & Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (both with merit)

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