5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience (even works for grumpy people)

Deflated Ball--Lost your bounce?

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Resilience and Mood

(even for grumpy people)

January Blues? Run out of steam on the New Year resolutions? Tired of gray skies and grumpy people?  Just like a ball without much air, you’ve lost your bounce. You need some help to boost your resilience.

And no, it isn’t just happy, hippy-dippy Pollyanna, secret stuff, it is tried and tested not just by researchers–even better, I have tried it out on some hardened cynics and grumpy relatives. So here are some science-based tips that are quick, easy and cheap to get your bounce back. (If you want the full info, click on the links.)

Have a drink of water

First, and easiest, reach for a glass of water.  Your brain needs water to work well. If you are dehydrated, you can’t think as well. Anyways, drinking water helps make sure you take regular “fluid-management breaks”.

Take short frequent breaks during the day

Yes, I know you’re busy. Research shows repeatedly that taking a break saves time and improves productivity.  Even varying your work can be a break. The human brain is not designed to focus for long periods, so, mix it up a bit.

“Simply put, preferred break activities are things you choose to do and things you like to do. These could also include work-related tasks.” How to take better breaks

Eat something tasty and healthy

Research proves low blood sugar not only makes you tired, it makes you grumpy and affects your decision making. No, don’t reach for the sweets, as sugar highs are just as bad for your mood and your body. Try some healthy snacks like a half a dozen almonds or an oatcake.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is important for helping your body and brain cope with challenges. Your brain clears toxins faster when you sleep, it helps fix memory and boosts your immune system. You will find that a good night’s sleep makes life easier. More reasons to get enough sleep here.

Smile or Laugh

Finally, smiling is not only a sign of happiness, it can actually make you feel happier. A smile boosts your mood, laughter improves your resilience and gives you a bit of a workout. It increases your connection with others. Even if you’re on your own, with so many funny videos online, it doesn’t take long to find one that makes you laugh. Babies laughing always cheers me up.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out some, or all, of the above and put the bounce back into your life. If you need more ideas on how to boost your resilience, so you can cope with whatever life throws at you, click here.

bouncing ball

And a bonus sixth tip from  John on the mental health benefits of cleaning and getting organized – https://www.themostchic.com/staying-organized/