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Change Your Luck Scientifically

change luck

Is there such a thing as luck? We all know people who seem incredibly lucky. Everything they touch seems to go well. Others seem remarkably unsuccessful in just about anything.  “The Secret” and other mystical books suggest ways to change your luck. Scientist and magician, Professor Richard Wiseman, decided that this was a subject worthy…

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Why being reasonable doesn’t always work

rational, reasonable

We think if people were just reasonable, we would be able to persuade them. If you are starting a conversation to change someone’s mind with the words “If only you would be reasonable…” or “It’s just common sense…” I’ve got bad news for you…it won’t work. Because what the other person hears is “You are…

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Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change

don't want change

I want to sort this out, but (insert name here) just doesn’t want to do anything. It would be great if we could just discuss the situation, but (insert name here) doesn’t want to talk about it. I try to be reasonable, but (insert name here) is just so difficult. So, mediation isn’t an option, is it?…

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First Aid for Personality Clashes

Wouldn’t it be great if when there was a personality clash, we could just reach for the first aid box? Or if people were all as sensible as us? Most of us have worked with someone that we just didn’t get on with. Some of us remember dreading going to work because of a colleague…

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