Resilience: Finding the Silver Lining

clouds silver lining

Every so often I spend a day in prison. Not because I’ve been convicted, I deliver a workshop to pre-release prisoners. Going through the security and talking to the people about their daily lives makes me realise how much we take for granted. The workshop covers controlling our emotions, building resilience and achieving goals. First,…

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Difficult Conversations–Are you playing Peek-A-Boo?

child needing random acts of kindness

  Babies love playing peek-a-boo. They think you can’t see them if they can’t see you. Often we use the same strategy when we know¬†difficult conversations are ahead. Not only do we refuse to discuss the issue, we pretend the issue isn’t there. And then there are topics that nearly everyone avoids. In the Western…

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Negative Feedback Holding You Back? 3 Tips to Move On

Had some negative feedback and feeling crushed? It happens to all of us, and learning to deal with it in a constructive way will make us more successful. Some would say “ignore it, don’t listen to negative thoughts or negative people.” ¬†They paraphrase Churchill and say “never, never, never, never give up”. Is this really…

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