How to complain effectively and nicely

Knowing how to complain effectively and nicely is hugely powerful. Many people think their only choice when they have a grievance is to either “make a scene” or bite their tongue. But this is not good for you or the person/company you feel has wronged you. If you learn how to complain effectively without damaging relationships,…

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What is Mediation?

Mediation Dawning Understanding

Thinking of taking a dispute to a lawyer? Fed up of long drawn out legal cases?  Try mediation first. Reluctant to ask what it is?  It’s not a silly question. I, like most people, thought mediation was mainly for divorcing couples or warring nations. It wasn’t until I saw the dramatic impact it had on…

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How to boost willpower

willpower magic

Do you wish you had a magic wand that would boost willpower? Or are you superhuman? If  only you were able to resist saying that cutting comment… stop eating those doughnuts… get out of bed earlier… drink less… stop smoking… What science says Research by Mischel and Ebbesen in Stanford in 1970, known as the “marshmallow experiment”, first tested…

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