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Achieve new year’s resolutions by celebrating!

  Did you achieve new year’s resolutions you set for 2015? Did you keep track of them? Are you feeling depressed and annoyed with yourself because you either can’t remember them or can only remember the ones you didn’t achieve? Here is an exercise that my clients find useful and motivating. Go back in time…

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Want a happy family gathering over the holidays?

If you want a happy family gathering, start by deciding what is most important. If asked what is most important about Christmas, many of us will say getting together with people we love–“a happy family gathering”. ¬†Whether we mean relations or friends or work colleagues that form our “family”, when we do get together, life…

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Breaking through the brick wall

  It’s hard breaking through the brick wall of misunderstanding or silence. Hitting a brick wall when networking? A common¬†complaint heard about networking is getting no response from people. What can I do to make them care? What can I do to make them listen? At a networking event recently, I overheard a conversation I…

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