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Shadows Part 2: Shadows or Shade

Shadows or shade

  Part 2 Shadows or Shade? English weather means we don’t often get the choice between shadows or shade. A bit of sunshine in an English summer and we are all out there, exposing ourselves to the glorious rays. When we talk about shadows, we usually mean it negatively. However, growing up in a hot country and recently…

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Shadows Part I: Walk Towards the Sunshine

Walk Towards the Sunshine This is a great motto for life. You can’t prevent shadows, but if you walk towards the sunshine, they fall behind you. Trying to take a photo of my shadow to illustrate the theme of “walk towards the sunshine” proved harder than expected. I’m sure the dog walkers on the Ponderosa must have…

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Longing for the Sea and Yet Afraid

Do you have a “Someday Isle” in your life? Are you longing for the sea and yet afraid to set sail? Do you say “Some day I’ll…” but never quite get round to it?  If so, join the majority of people who stand on the shore, wanting the reward but frightened of the risks. We…

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What’s stopping you?

What is stopping you getting what you want? Money, time, commitments, energy, other people, fear, lack of skills or knowledge? Or are you not sure what you want, just something different from what you have? Have you been told that all it takes is to send out your desire to the universe with enough passion…

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