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Mediation: Getting off the Conflict Roundabout

Before you go to court, think about mediation. It's suitable for many disputes, giving you a chance to be heard and work out mutually agreeable solutions.

Telephone, online & face to face

Early Intervention: First Aid for Disagreements & Disputes

You're not at the stage of going to court, but you're tearing your hair out. Even if the other person refuses or you don't want them to know, coaching can help.

Online, telephone & face to face

The Knowledge: Managing Emotions & Reactions

I offer workshops & coaching on managing emotions in stressful situations. Learn to cope with complaints, difficult people & tricky conversations.

Online, telephone & in person

How to Make Life Easier

The sooner you take action, the easier

We all say we want to address issues straightaway, however, most of us put things off with phrases like  "better the devil you know", "well, it might get better", "this isn't the right time" or "it could be a lot worse". Some things do get better, but a lot get worse. Want to know how to tell the difference? Read more

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Nancy has a series of 2-6 minute videos on how to make life easier.

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The nature of my business means I'm out and about or in meetings most of the time. The best way to contact me is email or phone. My registered business address is below.


Roundtuit Ltd t/a Nancy Radford (Mediation & Coaching)
Portland House, Belmont Business Park
Belmont, Durham
Company Registered in England and Wales
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